Hooper Services Ltd launch TSM Italy into the UK Market - Monday 03rd September 2018

Hooper Services Ltd is a family run business based in Portsmouth, that has been operating since 1990 in the South of England. The Company was founded by the Managing Director Ian Hooper whose main aim is to save customers money without compromising on service or quality.


Hooper Services Ltd strongly believe in building and maintaining long term relationships and establishing trust with their suppliers, which continues all the way through to their customers and end-users ensuring that they receive the best product with the support and guidance they need.


With this in mind Hooper Services Ltd have expanded their range by exclusively partnering with TSM Italy!


TSM (Technological Systems by Moro) is a family-run business that started in 1882 making agricultural machinery. This continued up until the 1950’s, where they expanded and started to produce their first vacuum pumps and other machinery, to compliment urban development and industrial cleaning & maintenance.


Now in the family’s fifth generation, the company portfolio includes two complete and distinct lines of machinery for indoor and outdoor, industrial and commercial use. The indoor line includes: scrubber dryers, sweepers, vacuum cleaners, carpet cleaners, steam generators and rotary machines; while within the outdoor line, there are urban cleaning vehicles that are eco-friendly and with zero CO2 emissions, such as the urban waste vacuum cleaner and compact road sweepers.


The system that stands out from the indoor line is the Grande Brio range of scrubber dryers.

With numerous models consisting of walk behind or ride-on machines that were carefully designed with the basic TSM principles: Simple, Mechanical, Affordable, Reliable & Tough (S.M.A.R.T). Extremely simple to use and maintain the Grande Brio range are light and manoeuvrable and are able to meet any cleaning requirement for small, medium and large areas.


Two versions of the Grande Brio have the added benefit of the ECORAY® System. The autonomous system uses ultraviolet energy to tackle any microorganisms left behind after cleaning. This includes reducing and eliminating symptoms relating to asthma, allergies and the transmission of other infectious and non-infectious diseases caused by bacteria and viruses. This system has been independently tested by one of Italy’s top Oncology Institutes which saw a reduction of microorganisms by over 96.5%! The system can be used with or without chemicals, will save energy of up to 15% and improves indoor air quality which assists in eliminating organic odours.